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Private Wealth



We can help you manage your business' financial reporting and tax obligations so that you can focus on what matters most to you - your business.

We have designed 3 standard packages to give a sense of our fee structure.  If standard sizes do not fit, we will work with you to scope out a suitable service engagement. 

We understand that the focus and needs of clients with accumulated wealth and investments differ from those who are running active businesses.

We have provided 3 examples to give a sense of our fee structure.  Our experience tells us that we need to discuss thoroughly with you on what your requirements are so we can provide you with an appropriate service engagement.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are increasingly popular as people want to take charge of their own retirement investments.


We can help you manage the increased compliance obligations that comes with having a SMSF.  We are also here to guide you through decisions and choices you have to make as trustees of your SMSF.

As you progress through your career, make financial and life decisions for your future, your tax compliance can become more complicated.

We can help by being there to guide you through your decisions so that the choices you make are sound for the long-term.

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